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and friends paid pulp -- final respects for those lost in that west virginia coal mining disaster. >> there is a reign of to the northwest. the forecast is coming up. the winds are, and the winds have dropped >> awarding tonight for facebook users. a new version of an old virus is making the rounds of the popular social networking website. it is being spread by a bogus message from a person claiming to be a friend, one to show you some sort of erotic video. it will send copies of the e- mail to your friends. the 2010 census deadline is a little more than a week away, but today some city residents received a knock on their door from of the motor face, baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. she went door to door, urging residents to mail back their a census form. it is part of a campaign designed to increase the city's mail in rate. >> we are going until april 19. that is the deadline, and we want to make sure every single neighborhood is counted. we are making sure everyone is involved in this final push. >> for more on the 2010 census and to see the mellon rate for your neighbo
virginia and the proclopro proclamation celebrating the civil war. one is black, surprised me too. see you then. >>> hey there, everybody. it has been a very busy news week and this hour we're going to catch you up on everything you need to know. our top international story is the s.t.a.r.t. treaty a giant step toward a nuclear free world or will iran be a major bump in the road? we'll also discuss tonight whether our government has a license to kill an american citizen, a muslim cleric who has been linked to terrorists? and the story so many parents are talking about this week, the suicide of 15-year-old phoebe prince. should the teens accused of tormenting her be charged with felonies? we'll talk about all of that and a whole lot more, but we start tonight with the "mash up." >>> president obama and russian president dimitri medvedev signed the s.t.a.r.t. treaty this week in prague. cuts the american of american and russian nukes by a one-third but it sends a pointed message to iran. >> he won the nobel peace prize and there were sketchics, critics in the world saying he doesn't deserve
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. an african-american defending the confederacy. >> it is a great thing that the governor of virginia did when he declared it because now we have the opportunity to tell the southern side which is never told. >> you will hear why he stands behind the controversial confederate history month. >>> terrifying moments at a shopping mall in oklahoma. gunfire erupts inside and shoppers have to run for cover. [ male announcer ] when we built our first hybrid, youtube didn't exist. and facebook was still run out of a dorm room. when we built our first hybrid, more people had landlines than cell phones, and gas was $1.75 a gallon. and now, while other luxury carmakers are building their first hybrids, lexus hybrids have traveled 5.5 billion miles. and that's quite a head start. ♪ when we turn lobster into irresistible creations. like new wood-grilled lobster and parmesan scampi... our signature lobster lover's dream... and eleven more choices. endg soon at red lobster. >>> accused controversy arising out of virginia after a war that ended 145 years ago. governor bob mcdonnell declared april federal co
will be said tomorrow for miners and their families in west virginia. searchers found the bodies of four missing miners overnight. a total of 29 people were killed at the upper big branch mine, making it the worst u.s. mining disaster in 40 years. the bishop of the diocese of wheeling and charleston will devote tomorrow's homily to the sanctity of life as it relates to the mining industry. president obama has sent condolences to the family and promises a thorough investigation. federal investigators will be in the area on monday. >>> standardized test scores a little too high at some schools in georgia. >> it's sort of like having a blizzard in ft. lauderdale in the middle of july. you know, in theory it could happen. it's just so incredibly unlikely you that really need a substantial explanation. >> there are allegations of cheating, not by students but by school officials. >>> and are they honoring their southern heritage or just replaying one of the ugliest times in american history? civil war re-enactors joining us to talk about the uproar over confederate history month. >>> plus, no
a developing story in reston virginia right now. a 2-year-old boy has died after falling from the 3rd story window of a home. it happened just before 6:00 tonight on a townhouse on heritage oak park. it appears the child fell through a screen. police say the parents were home at the time and that it appears to have been a tragic accident. >>> we are learning disturbing new details tonight about a high-rise fire last night miraculously everyone made it out safely, despite no fire alarms going off. investigators say it wasn't the first time the system has failed. news4's darcy spencer is the the fire station tonight. darcy? >> reporter: hi, pat. right now there is a mandatory fire watch happening that the apartment complex. that means apartment management has to stay there 24 hours a day walking the hauls making sure that building is safe until the fire system can be repaired. >> reporter: prince george's county fire officials say the condominium building where a two-alarm blaze sent residents from their units friday night has i history code violations. the fire alarm system did not activate
. it is not known if the suspects had any connection to the university. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell wants the people of the commonwealth to join their west virginia neighbors in a moment of silence tomorrow to honor the victims of the mine tragedy. 3:30 monday will mark exactly one week since the explosion that killed 29 people. the lives of the miners were also honored today in church services across southern west virginia. federal officials are set to arrive tomorrow to begin their investigation into just what went wrong. >>> when we come back on news4 at 6:00 tonight, a lawmaker takes aim at airlines, charging passengers to carry on luggage. >>> plus, washington braces for huge traffic headaches as dozens of world leaders come to town. >>> and a big bang brings down the former home of the dallas cowboys. >>> justin? >> what a perfect way to end the weekend today with temperatures near 80 degrees again in some locations, but all good things do have to come to an end. we will talk about changes as the next cold front impacts our >>> two "discovery" astronauts were working to replace a co
for the trapped miners in west virginia and is in tragedy. new demands for answers about why it happened. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> hello, i'm jennifer donelan. mourners had gathered at the polish embassy. poland's presidenthis wife, and other government leaders died in an airplane crash and reword that the pilot was warned not toand because of dense fog. john gonzalez is live at the embassy with the developments. about the pish prime minister is calling this the worst peacetime disaster in the country's history. ironically, jennifer, a history being remembered this weekend. it was already a somber trip to begin with. poland's president lech kosinski, his wife, and dozens of officials were headed to russia to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the slaughter of " thousands of polish military officers by the secret police in world war ii. am i saw the airplane flying low. >> others recall the pilot attempting to land several times in heavy fog before crashing into the forest. >> they were very good friends of mine. >> this local polish architect
virginia mining tragedy. >> worst mining accident in over 20 years. pattern of safety violations and hazards come to has the press failed to raise questions about the mining industry >> the media go gaga over tiger's return to the green. all next on news watch. i've been growing algae for 35 years. most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on. in using algae to form biofuels, we're not competing with the food supply. and they absorb co2, so they help solve the greenhouse problem, as well. we're making a big commitment to finding out... just how much algae can help to meet... the fuel demands of the world. new total effects body wash fights 7 signs of body aging, increasing elasticity, locking in moisture and more. new olay total effects body wash. total anti-aging for your body from olay. when we turn lobster into irresistible creations. like new wood-grilled lobster and parmesan scampi... our signature lobster
. >>> the memorials have begun for the miners skilled in the explosion in west virginia. we're going to take you there and explain what happens next. don't go away. we're coming right back. >>> search crews are continuing to recovery bodies from the west virginia coal mine blast. 29 people were killed in monday's explosion. it is being labeled the nation's worst mining disaster in 40 years. president obama says there will be a thorough investigation and accountability for the incident. meantime mourners are remembering those who lost their lives. on the first sunday following the blast many attended church prayer services. >> reporter: they wore many hats, including a coal miner's helmet. the 29 men killed in the upper big branch mine were outdoors men athletes and musicians. they were brothers fathers and friends. >> there is a bond there that i can't explain to no one. it just is a bond that -- brotherhood. >> reporter: has rescuers begin to recover the bodies from monday's explosion loved ones struggle with grief, as they recall loved ones that range from 20 to 61. the west virginia state med
hearing was held in d.c. superior court. the teen is scheduled to go on trial may 13th. >>> virginia's governor declares april history month. honoring confederate soldiers. more on the controversy. >> this particular flag here, my wife made this. this was the very first confederate gun flag. >> reporter: he proudly displays the battle flag of the confederacy and the stars and bars. >> my ancestors were part of that. and i feel proud of that. >> reporter: so much so he has written books about his great grandfather's and nearly a dozen ancestors who fought in the civil war. >> this is a confederate flag, the first national confederate flag. >> reporter: he said the conflicts fought on battlefields in virginia were not about slaves but preserving the constitution and individual rights. he embraces the move that governor bob mcdonnell proclaimed. >> that is crazy. >> reporter: virgin anns acted with strong emotions. >> i know we're virginia but that is ridiculous. that he would do that and not refer to slavery, either? i mean, this guy is just a real idiot, i think. >> not everything nee
. >>> president obama is calling for a deep investigation into the mine blast in west virginia. he says that the probe must be thorough and people need to be held accountable. the task of bringing bodies out of the mine have started. 29 of the miners died instantly in the methane explosion. >> there was a bomb i can't explain, they bombed the brotherhood. >> the company had been cited in the past for safety issues. >>> a successful saturday session in the general assembly as lawmakers approve a budget. the house of delegates vote to approve a budget voting on a mix of cuts. they're facing $2 billion short fall. and the eastern shore murder of sarah foxwell has pushed for tougher penalties. >>> turning now to sports, another game, another loss for the orioles. try and try as they might, the orioles didn't put up much of a fight at camden yards. he pitched 7 1/3 shutout innings. the o's lose 3-0 in this one. orioles star second baseman roberts didn't play last night because of this slide into second base on friday, he strained a muscle and they're considering placing him on the 15-day
accident. >>> a black party of james madison you have yufrptd in harrisonburg virginia that turned into a major disturbance. virginia miss say 8,000 people were at the block party and some of the students threw bottles at officers and police responded with tear gas sprayed into the crowds. no word yet on how many people were injured or arrested. >>> now, for the latest on the deadly mine explosion in west virginia, overnight search teams in raleigh county discovered the bodies of four missing miners. that brings the total number of fatalities to 29. >> there's no reasoning for something like this to happen. it was told to us by our government that this wouldn't happen again. >> we got to find the answers to what caused it and make sure whatever it takes it doesn't happen again. >> the community-wide memorial service for the miners is set for sunday. >>> leaders in 47 countries are arriving in washington this weekend for president obama's global nuclear security sum it. king abdullah of jordan was seen arriving this afternoon. the summi t gets underway monday morning. the two-day su
-active on mideast peace. and going south -- whats it for this praise for the con federacy in virginia? do republicans have a new southern strategy? hi, i'm chris matthews. catty kay, dan rather, heelen cooper and davidition -- ignatius with me. first up, president obama has a supreme court pick to make and washington's got a hot new debate to be -- topic. just -- justice john paul stevens has been the linchpin on the supreme court and finding the right person to replace him -- dan, a place to make history. will he go for it? >> he'll go for it. knowing the republicans will fight it to the last. we have to understand stevens hasn't been just one of nine. this is a historic figure. much seniority he has. seniority is huge in this issue. and the third thing to keep in mind is the modern history of the court has been each time the court has an appointee, the appointee is the -- to the right of the person sher succeeding and whomever he appoints will be to the right of stevens. chris: wow. heelen, is there much talk at the white house, which you cover, about finding a leader, not just a member
paul stevens announces his retirement -- who will present an obama named to replace him? >> virginia had been the capital of confederacy. >> confederacy history month in virginia. wasn't slaver worth a mention? >> slavery was the controlling and central issue and i don't know anyone with historical creance -- credence would differ with that? >> the united states has used nuclear-weapons only twice, against her were she not and nagasaki toward the end of world war ii. afterwards japan surrendered. once we have the bomb the soviets wanted one and the nuclear arms race was on. president obama announced he is reworking america's nuclear strategy, scaling back the role of nuclear weapons in the nation's defense and putting limits on when they can be used. in prague the president and his russian counterpart signed an agreement to cut their nuclear weapons by one-third over the next seven years. president obama is pledging not to go nuclear against countries will abide by the nuclear non- proliferation treaty if it -- even if they attack the u.s. with chemical or biological weapons. the pre
asfeha may be driving a 1999 silver acura with virginia tags. if you see the car or a pc him, you are urged to call police immediately. >> we are following breaking news tonight. crews are battling a fire at eastern singer high school. the flames broke out at about 4:30 p.m. in northeast washington. east capitol street has been shut down between 16th and 18th street. we do have a crew on the scene and will have the latest information as it becomes available. >>>from: to right here in our area, millions are morning the death of the polis president lech kaczynski. >> there was standing-room-only at a special mass this morning. mortar's exchange hugs and stories of the country's past. many say it is hard to comprehend this tragedy. with polish flags and hand, hundreds of parishioners came to church to mourn the death of poland's president lech kaczynski and the others killed in a plane crash. >> all we can do is pray for these who died in a plane crash. ♪ >> many of the parishioners are still in shock ov what happened. >> it is set for the country and for us as polles. >> i lost si
'm sure isolated areas seeing the 30s across the virginia piedmont. somewhat average for our temperatures for morning hours. we are still looking at a frost advisory in effect till 8:00 this morning for areas across the shenandoah valley. those locations, sensitive plants would want those covered or bring them in. hopefully dull last night as the temperatures are getting close to frost criteria there. 52 again around the d.c. area. a little bit cooler out towards the beltway. warm air off to our south and west, st. louis 63 degrees. that's all headed our way today. enjoy another nice afternoon across the district and even the middle atlantic. traveling conditions, no problems heading in either direction. here's the next front to our north. stream of clouds coming across the great lakes. moisture is limited with this system. that front will slowly sag southward throughout the day today. we'll start to see increasing clouds late this afternoon. the high pressure system begins to pump in so the warmer air begins to return. the front crossing us overnight tonight, tomorrow morning. a few clou
. crews are continuing to bring out the bodies inside the upper big brank mine in west virginia. we've learn that had rescuers actually walked past the bodies of the missing four miners on the first day but never saw them through the smoke and debris until yesterday. >> this has been a very heavy hearted community holding on to a fragile thread of hope. when that thread broke, the pain was excruciating. >> the investigation into what caused the explosion started yesterday. a team of federal investigators will arrive in west virginia tomorrow. the investigation could take up to a year. >> a 2-year-old boy died after falling from the third story window of a home. this happened at a townhouse on heritage oak court in reston, virginia. fairfax county police say the child fell through a screen. police say the child's parents were home at the time and it appears to be an extremely tragic accident. >> the time now is 9:08. texas stadium is no more. the implosion that happened less than an hour ago coming up. plus, saved by a cell phone. one man's incredible story of surviving an avalanche.
stories, officials in west virginia estimate it will take two days to remove the bodies of 22 coal miners killed in an explosion nearly a week ago. before the bodies can be removed, the mine must be re-vent lated to remove toxic gas. president obama has ordered an investigation into the cause of the explosion. >>> the memory of the nazi holocaust remembrance day, the lib brags of nan zzi concentrat camps. >>> more pain at the pump. gas prices are up nearly 4 cents a gallon in the past three weeks. national average for a gallon of regular is now $2.85. that's up 80 cents since last april. it's not a dream. this is happening in an area chicago torn by youth violence. cnn contributor, education contributor, chicago's roughest neighborhoods, since urban prep, 70 african-american, young men to college. it's the holy grail in ak ka dame yeah. i want to talk to these folks. i'm excited. >> mr. king, when you say 100% of your kids go to college, a lot of people don't believe it. >> right. right. >> so sometimes for their purposes. >> yeah. >> you've got to introduce them to the wall. >> you've go
. >>> families of the men who died in an explosion at a west virginia coal mine are saying goodbye to them. four funerals were held on friday. more are being held this weekend. still more in the coming week. altogether, 29 men died in the blast at the upper big branch mine last monday. initially, the community held out hope that four missing men were still alive somewhere in the mine. but those hopes ended friday night when rescuers found the bodies of the men. >> what i saw up until the absolute very end was a very heavy-heart community that was holding on to a very fragile thread of hope. and when that hope snapped with one sentence from the mine officials, it was the most painful, excruciating thing you could possibly see. >> so devastating for that community. the explosion was the worst mine disaster in the u.s. since the 1970s. >>> tomorrow is day one of a two-day nuclear summit president obama is hosting in the nation's capitol. he will try to convince the 47 countries participating to secure their nuclear material within four years. the u.s. and russia have more than 20,000 nuclear weapon
rex hello, i am a host of white house chronicles. we have the tragedy at the mine in west virginia which reminds me of my father and the best piece of advice he ever gave me and the only time i ever actually took his advice. i dropped out of high school and went into journalism and was doing okay until it faded and i needed work. i was in what is now zambia and i was offered a job in the mines. it was enormous money at the time because there was a thing called the copper bonus. it was way out of control because of the buildup of defense in the united states and a huge boost of copper. i wrote to my father was not a learned man but could express himself nonetheless with some vigor and said," you don't have to worry about money anymore because i got a job in the copper lines." he wrote me an extraordinary letter with spelling mistakes and said," son, i never really told you to do anything. her mother was upset when you dropped of school but please, do not go down a mine. they are awful places. i have had to work up in the much of my life and i know this. it was a mechanic and did mai
spent time in west virginia at the site of the tragic mining disaster. the impact of what's been happening to this community, well it's been going on for a very long time. marella is still waiting. in fact, l she has been waiting and worrying for decades. >> you're always concerned every time they walk off the door. about an explosion, the danger that exits there. there's so many things that can go wrong. >> reporter: so many dangers. some intense and unpredictable. in others that seem to creep into miner's lives over time. loreila's husband went to work at the mine for 30 years. >> going a couple of miles under ground in a very, very dark hole where it's dark and damp there's nowhere to go. >> add to the case of an explosion. over the past decade, 10,000 miners have died of black lung disease. there's neurological complaints as well. >> my daughter called me this morning. she was very upset. she said one of the hardest things she had to do -- was to send her husband to work today. >> today? >> today. she's terrifterrified. we all are. this could happen again today. we're disposa
of loving versus virginia, in 1967 amazingly late, 16 states both prohibited and punished marriage across racial lines for the more all the states were required to honor divorces' performed in other states that had a more lenient divorce, residence requirements than their own that was not the case with interracial marriage. so it's the only parallel to the defense of marriage act. states that have always against miscegenation refuse to recognize marriage between blacks and whites legally contract elsewhere and the even crawl lies those marriages. the supreme court case that brought about in overturning of antimiscegenation lobbies, loving versus virginia was such a case. madrid, african-american, and richard lyng, quite got married in washington, d.c. in 1958 but their marriage notice in race, too, d.c. was in the vanguard, this interesting. their marriage, however, was not recognized as legal in their home state of virginia. when they return they were arrested in the middle of the light in their own bedroom with a framed copy of their marriage certificate hanging over their bed and they
. >>> the governor of virginia's comments on cnn about confederate history month ignite a firestorm, but he has at least one supporter among his ranks. >> there's a sort of feeling that it's insensitive, but you clearly don't agree. >> to me, it's the sort of feeling that it's a myth, that it is not significant, that it's not -- it's trying to make a big deal of something that doesn't amount to diddly. >> mississippi governor haley barber says it doesn't amount to diddly. what else did he say? you'll hear it here on cnn. >>> and blowing through the sky and ending up everywhere, including cars. it's yellow. and at the end of the day, it's just terrible and disgusting, and you can't breathe, and you sound like me, like someone is holding a finger over your nose. pollen, the spring staple in the south, nearing record levels this year. we'll tell you what's going on. but the most important is the honor of being in your garage. if you're shopping for a new car, we invite you to put us to the test. and may the best car win. [ bottle two ] i'm pretty sure there's not much we can do about it. ugh. he's
. >>> families of the men who died in an explosion at a west virginia coal mine are saying good-bye. four funerals were held friday. more are held this weekend. still more in the coming weeks. 29 men died in the blast at the upper big mine branch last monday. the community held out hope the four missing men were still alive somewhere in that mine, but those hopes did end friday night when rescuers found the men's bodies. >> what i saw up until the absolute very end was a very heavy-hearted community holding on to a very fragile thread of hope. and when that hope snapped with one sentence from the mine officials, it was the most painful excruciating thing you could possibly see. >> the explosion was the worst mine disaster in the u.s. since the 1970s. >>> president obama has a very urgent message for 47 countries taking part in a two-day conference. make sure your nuclear material is secure. keep it out of hands of terrorists. he's hosting a two-day nuclear summit in washington tomorrow comes a couple days after the u.s. warned al qaeda is trying to get an atomic bomb. the u.s. and russia
strikes in west virginia, a mine explosion kills dozens raising questions whether the media ignored warning signs. liberal stormtrooper david schuster gets iced at peacock news for enemy lines and working on a secret project on cnn. is this the final strike? a main conduit of abuse from the white house to the american public, now the white house press corps may be a recommend ne -- remnant of the past. and tiger on course, are the media still taking shots? on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. conservative columnist, anded degree tantero. jim pinkerton, and news day columnist, the legendary ellis henican. i'm jon scott, news watch is on right now. >> together we've stopped that and proven the benefits of cooperation. today is an important milestone for nuclear security and nonproliferation and for u.s.-russian relations. >> jon: president obama signing the biggest arms reduction treaty the white house says in 60 years, with russian president medvedev on thursday. the news from prague was met by mixed reaction from the press. take a look, in the boston
the west virginia miners. a number more to come over the next week. >>> a ceremony offering the late president of polan is going on right u president lec lech kaczynski. >> the polish people are pausing for two minutes of silence as well. poland's first lady and several other government and military leaders died in the crash. nick robertson is there with more on the crash investigation. >> i'm about half a mile from the runway here in this direction through the trees here. a look down here. debris twisted and torn apart. up here across the road, take a look. this is the direction the plane was coming in over this way. this is where it begins to hit the top os it have krees again. you begin to see all the the pieces of broken wood as the plane comes down. already some flowers being laid here. already people reported picking through it. but, again just follow me up here. and you begin to see the scale and the force with which the plane hit the trees. some of the most influential people were on the plane. the first lady was traveling with her husband, maria kaczynska. the deputy foreign
no remains there. >> back to the lines. carla, virginia. hi, carla. >> caller: hi, nancy. how are you today? >> i'm good, dear. what's your question? >> caller: my question is -- well, actually, it's a statement. there is absolutely no possible way she was ever sexually molested. she is using this to get the public that hates her for sympathy. they're saying oh, well, maybe something happened to her. because if she loved her daughter so much and she was sexually molested, why would she leave her there with her father and lee? because i mean, he was always in and out of the house before he moved. why would she leave the child there to be molested also? >> that is an excellent question. out to dr. michelle golland, psychologist and expert on momlogic.com. doctor, doesn't her own behavior belie or disprove her claims that her father and brother molested her? >> yes. the one thing we can be for sure, nancy, about is the fact that she is a pathological liar. and there's been a lot of question about does she have a mental illness? and what i see, nancy, is a personality disorder. this is a woman
have brought it town. >>> and a town in west virginia is mourning. how crews missing finding the bodies of the four crew members. >>> and this is the last day of the cherry blossom festival. we are live among the runners. >>> good morning, i'm melanie alnwick. >> and i'm sarah simmons. >>> a pilot was trying to land in thick fog when a plane went down in russia and split into pieces killing all of those on board. >> there will be early elections in 14 days. a week of mourning has been declared in russia. >> reporter: crash investigators are at site of the accident and we're told both black boxes have been removed. it appears weather is a factor. the presidential jet was packed with many of poland's top leaders. the pilot was warned by air traffic controllers that the fog was too thick but the pilot made the decision to land any way. seconds later, 97 people, including the president and first lady were dead. >> i live right next door and these are wonderful neighbors. >> all day long at the polish embassy in washington, d.c., mourners paid tribute. >> it's a tragedy of huge performs. >>
for one of the 29 west virginia miners killed in monday's blast. the four missing miners who rescuers had hoped to survive were confirmed dead yesterday. recovery crews are still working to remove their remains. one miner remains hospitalized. federal investigators arrive on the scene tomorrow. >>> a gunfight inside a crowded oklahoma mall might also have spilled out into the streets with one person being dead, at least five injured yesterday inside the arrowhead mall. police say thr unconfirmed reports of gunfire elsewhere in the city. they're still looking for suspects. >>> nasa astronauts took their second space walk, working to replace an old storage tank outside the international space station. today marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of "apollo 13." >>> tiger woods is going for the masters championship heading into the final round at augusta national. nbc's kerry sanders in augusta one more time with the latest from there. kerry, let's get to the betting odds because for those folks looking at the five-month break from golf in terms of slowing tiger down, it did not. what are
disaster in four decades. as they remembered the dead in churches all over west virginia on this sunday, there are hard questions to be answered about whether this disaster could have been avoided. david kerley has been on this story from the beginning. >> reporter: on this sunday, this day of prayer, the emotion was overwhelming. roosevelt lynch was a miner whose real passion was coaching athletics. >> being a coach, there's just something about coaches. i'm sure he did inflinls on his young boys, that he coached. >> reporter: even as lynch was eulogized, the bodies of nine of his fellow miners still lie in this mountain. the investigation won't start until they are recovered. that investigation will focus on ventilation. owners are supposed to use plastic curtains, tubing, and large fans to direct toxic gases and coal dust away from miners. a buildup of gas and dust is suspected in this deadly explosion. last year, this mine was cited more than any other in the country for the most egregious violations. so far, this year, four ci on for improper ventilation. the head coal safety offic
are not quite as chilly this morning. frederick has 30 degrees right now. front royal, virginia, 38, 37 in shen doia -- shennendoah. satellite picture shows this very weak front trying to move in. again, not much moisture can with t a big area of high pressure is blocking moisture from the gulf gulf. the main energy of this thing is hanging way back in central canada. so it has gotten way out ahead of the energy source for this thing. there isn't much to it. the only difference is today there is a little flow of air coming from the southwest ahead of the front. that will take our temperatures up from yesterday. there is cool air behind it. once it does slip to our south, we will cool down. here is where the front will be this morning. any rain associated with it should be behind it from thetown mountains to the south. right along the front there might be a couple sprinkles or so. our forecast calls for a few scattered clouds although we will see sunny -- sunshine later in the day. southwest winds at 5 to 10 miles an hour. looking ahead, our seven-day forecast, 67 tomorrow. slightly cooler air b
are your first five headlines. >>> funerals continue for the 29 west virginia miners killed in monday's explosion. so far six have been laid to rest. the families of some victims are still waiting for the remains to be removed from the mine. brian mooar is in beckley, west virginia. with a good morning to you, the six miners have been buried but so much more emotion to come. >> reporter: funeral after funeral, members of this community have lost so much but they still have each other. those who have lost are helping others who have lost. today another one of those funerals and there will be many more. today it's a funeral for william roosevelt lynch. he just turned 59 a couple weeks ago, a churchgoing man, a family man, and at the end of the day, he was a miner. his friends were miners. his family miners. and the mining community coming together today to help the lynch family in their darkest hour. the investigation here is just beginning. officials will be gathering in the state tomorrow, state and federal officials will try to reconstruct exactly what happened here. it does look lik
fort families of four west virginia coal miners missing. rescue crews have now found the bodies bringing the death toll to 29. it is now the nation's worst coal mining tragedy since 1970. crews started the solemn task of removing the victims from the mine. >>> one of the most talked about masters tournaments is proving to be frustrating at time for golfer tiger woods. however, despite inconsistent play, he does remain very strong in the competition. right now, tiger is in third place and four shots off the lead going into tomorrow's final round. randall pinkston reports from augusta georgia. >> reporter: a frustrating day for tiger woods. his game looked off all day. despite his promise to control his outbursts, at times, his emotions got the best of him. >> come on! >> reporter: he was able to head to third place. >> i just want to put myself in contention, and i did that. a good round tomorrow. you never know. >> reporter: woods now trails lee westwood and phil mickelson, who provided the highlight of the week. >> goodness gracious! >> reporter: no one as sure how woods would
, in virginia, bob mcdonell declaring confederate history month, a huge media flap ensued, he was on the front of pains, he was ripped because there was no mention of slavery. the governor later apologizing for leaving out slavery. do you think the way the media turned this into a hot-button controversy forced mcdonell to apologize? >> i think because of the circumstances around it. he went against the pattern that had been established by other republican governors in recognizing this history of the confederacy. there had always been mention of slavery. anybody that brings up the history of the con ffederacy an does not make slavery a part of it, that's just a lie that should have been brought to the front and brought to the front quickly. what made it extra juicy is when sheila johnson, a black woman who was one of his supporters, came out and said are you kidding me? for all of those reasons it was a good story. >> i didn't see most conservative commentators defending mcdonell on this? >> it was dreadful week for republicans on race. you had michael steele saying his party is holding him to
, just kind of tone of politics. virginia governor, new vo vo governor, bob mcdonnel designated april as confederate month. something his two democratic predecessors had refrained from doing. he did not mention slavery in this proclamation. was that a mistake? >> i don't think so. my state legislature has made a legislatively enacted holiday, con federal rat member or yad holiday. i have issued a proclamation. my democratic predecessors did so as well. i don't know what you would say about slavery but if you have to explain to people that slavery is a bad thing, i think it goes without saying. >> reporter: but the sensitivity of it. we heard from a number of african-american politicians and just people on the street that were interviewnd virginia going, this is offensive, to celebrate something that really was about slavery and have absolutely no mention of it. >> maybe they should talk about the democratic legislature, which has done exactly the same thing in mississippi for years. as far as i know, the democratic legislature, the majority of both houses are democrats, i am unaware o
virginia on monday, their job to look in to america's worst mining disaster in 40 years. for now the grim process of removing the bodies goes on. the final death toll, 29 miners killed by an underground explosion this week. among them four missing miners who were found dead overnight. governor joe manchin saying now the healing begins for families in west virginia. >>> i'm harris faulkner, get you back to "huckabee" for all latest news go to foxnews.com. >> mike: we're back with former aide to john edwards andrew young and his wife, sherry. by the way the book that they have written is called "the politician" all of our studio audience members up with be getting their own copy of the book "the politician." [applause] >> i'll sign them if you want. >> mike: that's great. sherry, during this time you watched your husband go through some pretty amazing things, one of things was, that john edwards called upon him to claim that the baby was your husband's not that of john edwards. was there a point at which you said, are you kidding me? >> oh, yes. when realle showed up at our door, i thought
. >>> president obama calling for thorough investigation in the deadly mine explosion in west virginia. federal investigators will arrive on site tomorrow. 29 miners were killed. today recovery crews are working to remove the body from the line. later this week, coal company executives will face question of mining safety before members of congress but no representative from massey energy, the owner of this particular mine where the explosion happened this week is scheduled to appear at the hearings on wednesday. >>> two down, one to go. astronauts were outside for spacewalk number two to replace a cooling tank on the international space station. a big week for space community. today marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of apollo 13, the mission which resulted in ruptured oxygen tank and the famous phrase "houston, we have a problem." and this thursday, there is a space summit in florida and president obama takes criticism over cancelling the back to the moon program. >>> the longtime home of the dallas cowboys football team is now a pile of rubble. [ explosion ] redskins fan chris wallace i
this morning, a team of federal investigators are set to arrive in west virginia, president obama is promising a thorough investigation into the west virginia mine explosion and the cause must be determined so future accidents must be prevented. funerals and vigils for the 29 victims, the explosion at the upper big branch mine was the worst mining disaster sips since 1970. >> a bomb blast killing five and 15 others wounded. they were part of a team trying to clear mines as karzai threatened to delay or cancel n.a.t.o.'s planned summer offensive in the kandahar province. and more than 10,000 american rooms pour into the region to fight the taliban. karzai is casting doubt over the operation after being confronted by the operatielders it would bring strive to the region. >> the navy says pirates began shooting at the u.s.s. ashland which returned fire destroying the pirate's boat that you see here. it's the third u.s. navy encounter with pirates in the past ten days. former white house political advisor once again the target of protesters from the anti-war group, code pink. remember two weeks ag
and jenna, good morning, everyone. >>> we begin in west virginia, where they're retrieving the bodies of the miners. funerals were held for the miners that died in tragedy. a team of federal investigators will arrive at the scene tomorrow. >>> police in oklahoma are looking for three people this morning in connection with a gun fight in the middle of a crowded mall. when it was all over one person was dead and several others injured. police say it's unclear if the teenager killed was involved in the shooting or just an innocent bystander. >>> rescuers in washington have found a missing hiker alive. he was buried under an avalanche in granite mountain for four hours. the man called for help on his cell phone. doctors say he'll be okay. >>> the reality tv producer suspected in his wife's murder in cancun could face charges later today. mexico's attorney general says a decision on whether to file charges could come at any moment. bruce behresford-redmond has been ordered to stay in the country in the meantime. his wife monica was found dead in a sewer near a hotel where they were staying
virginia. for a long time had a huge problem with roads. there were so many pot holes in the roads. so senator robert byrd came up with the idea of rebuilding the road system in a lot of ways in that state. it's gotten to the point now though, he's considered one of the kings of pork in the congress. even though if you ask people in west virginia, they like those roads. they need those roads. again, it's a question of priorities. it's transparency in the congress and everybody agreeing, this is a priority in the interest of the nation. >> how is america going to pay for these promises already made? can we keep our promises on social security? that's next. e down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night it's something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe... ♪ umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in new blueberry pie and new red velvet cake. yoplait light. it is
in the wake of that deadly mine explosion in west virginia. we're told late last night crews found the bodies of four miners still missing since last week's explosion. 29 miners in all were killed at the upper big branch mine. a team of investigators due to arrive monday. >>> president owe ma preparing for what could be his next big legislative battle. overhauling the nation's financial regulation system. one white house officials already billing it as decision to, quote, stand with the american people or stand on the side of the status quo, end quote. the president meeting with members of congress from both parties this week. the house already passed big parts of his plan but the senate has not acted yet. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell signaling there could be some common ground, but are we likely to see another fierce political battle like we did with the health care fight? julie cuts live in washington. >> the president has called for that bipartisan meeting but obama administration officials said this week they will fight efforts weakenment measure to overhaul the company's financ
died at an explosion in a west virginia coal mine are saying good-bye. four funerals were held on friday. more being held this weekend and more in the coming weeks. 29 people died in the blast. initially the community held out hope the four missing men were alive somewhere in that mine but those hopes ended friday night when rescuers found the men's bodies. >> what i saw up until the very end was a very heavy hearted community holding on to a very fragile thread of hope. when that hope snapped with one sentence from the mine officials, it was the most painful thing you could possibly see. >> the explosion was the first mine disaster in the u.s. since the 1970s. >>> education contributor steve perry is on the mission to find unusual approaches to learning. he found that in a charter school that's an urban oasis among chicago's youth violence. >> we're in an inglewood section of chicago. this is urban prep having the first graduating class and they're going to send 70 african-american young men to college. it's the holy grail in acedemia. >> when you say you spend 100% of your ki
is now in care of the russian care ministry. >>> a terrible mining disaster in west virginia, president obama calling for a thorough investigation in memory of the 29 coal mine there's lost their lives in the explosion. recovery teams in the process of removing the final bodies and there have been several funerals already. this is the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. in the last 40 years. >> world leaders in washington ahead of historic nuclear summit. today the president is holding private meetings, right now mr. obama is meeting with the south african president. let's go to julie with the latest. >> president obama official kicks off the summit tomorrow night, monday night with a working dinner as you said. he is holding a series of pre-meetings with blair house. it will be a complicated relationship. this week's summit is the largest gathering of world leaders hosted by a u.s. president since 19 had a in the founding of u.n. and security is extremely tight. historic two-day gathering of 47 leaders is not expected to result in any bold new strategy. he does want to showcase his
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